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Introduce myself in front of the class

I thought i will be totally boring if i change the place,but the reality is thing always didn't go the way it think..i have a lot of friends at there too..During recess,i and Kelly back to class for a while,well,we saw Melvin(he's so funny and he is so girlish!!)and two another girls..i don't know them and i whisper to Kelly's ear and said that they are Melvin's girlfriend(just kidding)But the curly hair thinks that i said gossip about her since when i looked at her when i whisper to Kelly,and then she ran away,she didn't check it at first and think that i talk gossip about her!!!She's so crazy..ok here,u have to know,i hate people like that!!!I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT!!!!Melvin asked me what did i said,i said i didn't talk about her,i talk about Melvin.and then he said he also hate her n she came from the same church as Melvin.A few minutes later,she came in and ask Melvin my name,Melvin said he don't know..and then she ask,but she couldn't hear me because i talk so soft and then i heard Melvin whisper that
don't say my name to her,i was kinda don't understand..ok i really don't understand..after she gone,Melvin said to me don't say anything to her.After recess,we had BI,which i m so nervous because everybody gonna introduce themseves in front of the class...i was really nervous that time. When it's my turn,i m so nervous and the malay said Daud!!!!stupid wan,they play my name or should i say my father name,if he hear this,he will be TOTALLY mad.....he don't like somebody to play his name because his name's like malay.well,i don't think i speak well in the class just now,as for others,i don't know..this is my opinion for myself...

Well,that's all,good night~~


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The hilarious malays speaks chinese!!

yesterday,the malay students in our class speak chinese.It's so weird!!!!they do not pronounce it so well so it's so funny that some of us including me laugh until my stomach n my throat is so painful..haha..they are so hilarious..They even say that Melvin n Kelly eat also..they are so funny yesterday,they missed some words or maybe they don't know how to pronounce it...that's make it more fun more hilarious...they teached the malay students..they also teached them to say "i want to go to girl's toilet"..doesnt't it's hilarious!!!!thay are also stupid because they don't know the meaning...LOL


People always say that you never know what you really have until it's gone.

Well,this is slightly a little bit related to what you're going to read.Or not.But I just love the saying.

I might be taking Bible Knowledge next was certain that i would laugh at this thought half a year ago or just yesterday because i wasn't having that interest and passion and i knew that it was one in a million to get an A+ for it,or probably 10 in a million to get an A or 50 in a hundred or thousand to get an A-.I know Shu Yi will be taking,i think,if she doesn't change her mind.

Then,Agasi just had to ask me 'are you taking bible knowledge next year?'

'urm I'm still not sure...yet...'

But i knew deep down in my heart there's a 70% that i won't take the risk.


urgh I hate buts',it always makes me think of 'what if'

That thought just found its way to my mind,then i felt guilty all of a sudden.

Even writing it down right now makes …