Introduce myself in front of the class

I thought i will be totally boring if i change the place,but the reality is thing always didn't go the way it think..i have a lot of friends at there too..During recess,i and Kelly back to class for a while,well,we saw Melvin(he's so funny and he is so girlish!!)and two another girls..i don't know them and i whisper to Kelly's ear and said that they are Melvin's girlfriend(just kidding)But the curly hair thinks that i said gossip about her since when i looked at her when i whisper to Kelly,and then she ran away,she didn't check it at first and think that i talk gossip about her!!!She's so crazy..ok here,u have to know,i hate people like that!!!I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT!!!!Melvin asked me what did i said,i said i didn't talk about her,i talk about Melvin.and then he said he also hate her n she came from the same church as Melvin.A few minutes later,she came in and ask Melvin my name,Melvin said he don't know..and then she ask,but she couldn't hear me because i talk so soft and then i heard Melvin whisper that
don't say my name to her,i was kinda don't understand..ok i really don't understand..after she gone,Melvin said to me don't say anything to her.After recess,we had BI,which i m so nervous because everybody gonna introduce themseves in front of the class...i was really nervous that time. When it's my turn,i m so nervous and the malay said Daud!!!!stupid wan,they play my name or should i say my father name,if he hear this,he will be TOTALLY mad.....he don't like somebody to play his name because his name's like malay.well,i don't think i speak well in the class just now,as for others,i don't know..this is my opinion for myself...

Well,that's all,good night~~


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